Planning Permission

RBA Town Planning are expert planning consultants, gaining planning permission for residential premises throughout Pontefract, Wakefield, Barnsley and Doncaster. We recognise that extending your home is a major investment of not only your money, but also your time and emotions; not getting it right from the start can have a significant impact upon all three. As former Local Authority Planners, we have a significant amount of experience in deciding house extension applications and are in the best position to provide guidance on the design either through our architects or your appointed architect, helping you to begin the process of building your new garage, conservatory or house extension.

Permitted Development

Not all house extensions need planning permission! Your property benefits from "Permitted Development Rights", we can advise you on how to extend your home without the need for planning permission, and submit the appropriate paperwork to the Council. You can also extend your home under new development rights for larger extensions, if the proposal meets certain criteria, approval is automatically granted. Make an enquiry for an assessment of this option, and if it's open to you.

Householder Planning Applications

Working alongside either your own architect or with our architectural partners, we provide professional and experienced planning support. All our planning applications are submitted with detailed planning supporting documents, to give your planning application the best possible start. During the application process, we make regular contact with the case officer in an effort to guide the application to an approval. Should objections be made, we are there to respond and either discredit the objections or make suggestions to overcome the objections. We take care of everything relieving you of as much stress as possible.

Our intricate knowledge of this complex system of policy and procedure provides you with the best opportunity to secure planning permission for your home or your new extension. Complete our quick contact form, or give us a call, to talk about your options for your residential property.

Experienced Planning Consultants

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